Sunday, April 26, 2009

"My Life to Live" (1962, Dir: Jean-Luc Godard)

Grade: C+


Dame James Henry said...

Awww. After all that, you didn't even like the film that much? Such a shame. What did you think about Anna Karina?

Slayton said...


I thought it was kind of undercooked. There seemed to great potential in every scene but Godard wasn't really tapping into much at all. It's like the polar opposite of "Pierrot le Fou", which had 1000 things crammed into every scene. It aimed for this dreamy, spare method of direction but ended up just being a bit empty. The acting was good though - I liked Karina, although despite being the center of the narrative the character doesn't really give her that much ACTING to do - Sady Rebbot (sleazy-hot) was good and I really enjoyed Brice Parain's cameo. The subtitles on this copy weren't translated very well, either. Still I'm glad I saw it - and thanks so much for making me the copy!