Friday, April 17, 2009

"Fear and Trembling" (2003, Dir: Alain Corneau)

Moderately funny culture clash/office drama that is fun to watch but never really impacts the audience in any way other than to cause an errant giggle here and there. Sylvie Testud is an excellent actress and she certainly helps to better the material here, but one can't help but think that a talent such as hers is somewhat wasted in a fluffy film like this. Her winning the Cesar for this performance (which did happen) would be akin to Kate Winslet winning for "The Holiday" - both are material-transcending but limited performances by two major talents. Pic deserves some credit, at least, for making a film about mind-numbing office work into something at least mildly entertaining. Techs look TV movie-esque, and I'm pretty sure this was shot on a set.

Grade: C

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