Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Gypo" (2005, Dir: Jan Dunn)

This Dogme 95 film is just another example of the style's inability to foster a good, or even an interesting, film. Pretty much highlights all of that movement's failures, and even though the direction and plotting is sophisticated it is let down by the uninspired camerawork, shoddy editing and by most of the actors, none of whom have a lick of improvisational talent, save for the luminous Chloe Sirene who gives the film's only truly good performance. The improvisation is supposed to make for "real" dialogue but the actors' lines just come off as stilted, weird and unrealistic. A really poor film from a really misguided film movement.

Grade: F


MFL said...

Funny old world Isn't it.
You hated Gypo I absolutely loved Gypo. Great Lesbian movie and addressed the Gypo issue with courage

Slayton said...

I thought the lesbian subplot was really awkward and unbelievable... the one thing I liked about this film, other than Sirene's performance, was the interesting tricks they did with narrative - different details changing/popping up in diff. places with each of the three different accounts.