Monday, November 17, 2008

"Changeling" (2008, Dir: Clint Eastwood)

A big, lumbering, elephantine movie that is often rather embarrassing and cheesy. Angelina Jolie is stiff and artificial, trying and failing to create a character by stringing together a bunch of Big Scenes. The supporting cast is unusually rich considering the film's quality - Jason Butler Harner stands out by having an absolute ball with his character. He earns major points for trying to kiss Angelina Jolie during the prison showdown scene (Jolie does her best work of the film in this scene, as well) and for singing "Silent Night" on his way to the gallows. Amy Ryan does very well with an incredibly corny role, and Jeffrey Donovan brings presence to a thin role as the head of the police investigation into Jolie's son's case. Eddie Alderson and Michael Kelly are also quite good. The makeup work is ridiculously good but completely inappropriate for the story - I find it hard to believe that with all the blubbering Jolie does in this film, her makeup never, ever, ever smears.

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